Sophia Pink is a researcher and designer at Stanford University.

Sophia conducts social science research using big data, lab experiments, and ethnographic methods. She uses these research insights to design tools and systems that encourage behavior change. Sophia recently graduated with a B.S. in Engineering with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi.

Research: Escaping the Echo Chamber
Conducted social psychology research testing interventions for reducing politically biased reasoning.
System Design: Clean Start
Designed program to improve job satisfaction, working conditions, and sense of belonging among Stanford custodial staff.
Leadership: Habla
Served as President of student group where undergraduates teach English as a Second Language to members of the custodial staff. Redesigned curriculum and expanded scope of program.
Teaching: TA at the Graduate School of Business
Teaching assistant for “Designing for VR/AR,” and "Rethinking Purpose," taught by Prof. Jennifer Aaker.
Research: America at 21
Drove 6000 miles through to 24 US states and conduced in-depth interviews with 21-year-olds. Received full-time Chappell-Lougee grant to fund the research.
Product Design: Alphabetable
Designed and manufactured a table for kids to help them practice the alphabet.
Research: What Makes an Inquisitive Engineer?
Was lead author on a paper accepted to the 2017 American Society of Engineering Education annual conference. Analyzed data from engineering students across 27 US institutions to investigate their confidence in asking questions.
Engineering: Shan Shui Conservation Center
Set up 6200W solar energy system in rural China.
Research: Classroom Belonging in Engineering
Co-author on mixed-methods study; presented at 2017 American Society of Engineering Education conference; awarded First-Year Programs Division’s 2017 Best Student Presentation Award.
System Design: The Stanford Voter Project
Co-founded initiative to increase student voter participation; created network of 41 Voter Champions in 25 dorms with a reach of over 3,000 undergraduates.
Product Design: Other work
Designed other products, including a Kanye West inspired pinball machine and shopping bags that turn into VR headsets.
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