Sophia Pink is a researcher and designer at Stanford University.

In the past few years, Sophia: drove 6,000 miles across 24 US states to interview 21-year-olds, welded a table for little kids, installed solar panels in rural China, and authored two papers for the largest American conference of engineering educators.

Research: America at 21
Drove 6000 miles through to 24 US states and conduced in-depth interviews with 21-year-olds. Received full-time Chappell-Lougee grant to fund the research.
System Design: The Stanford Voter Project
Co-founded initiative to increase student voter participation; created network of 41 Voter Champions in 25 dorms with a reach of over 3,000 undergraduates.
Product Design: Alphabetable
Designed and manufactured a table for kids to help them practice the alphabet.
Research: What Makes an Inquisitive Engineer?
Was lead author on a paper accepted to the 2017 American Society of Engineering Education annual conference. Analyzed data from engineering students across 27 US institutions to investigate their confidence in asking questions.
Research: Classroom Belonging in Engineering
Co-author on mixed-methods study; presented at 2017 American Society of Engineering Education conference; awarded First-Year Programs Division’s 2017 Best Student Presentation Award.
System Design: FeedForward
Worked on team to conduct need-finding and service design for a Second Harvest Food Bank. Prototyped system to scale nutrition education to 250,000 clients, which is currently in pilot phase.
Product Design: Other work
Designed other products, including a Kanye West inspired pinball machine and shopping bags that turn into VR headsets.
Engineering: Shan Shui Conservation Center
Set up 6200W solar energy system in rural China
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